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  • Moxi Zhou, Vani Pariyadath, Chiung-Ting Wu, Colin A. Hodgkinson, Guoqiang Yu, Yue Wang, David Goldman, and Elliot A. Stein, "Early life stress interacts with monoaminergic genes to enhance risk for nicotine addiction," TBD, 2017.


Year 2018

  • Niya Wang, Lulu Chen, and Yue Wang, "Mathematical modelling and deconvolution of molecular heterogeneity identifies novel subpopulations in complex tissues", Book Chapter, Transcriptome Data Analysis: Methods and Protocols, Springer, 2018. accepted

  • X. Shi, X. Wang, T.-L. Wang, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "SparseIso: A novel Bayesian approach to identify alternatively spliced isoforms from RNA-seq data," Bioinformatics, 34(1):56-63, 2018. (IF=7.307; 2016 ISI)

  • Herrington DM*, Mao C, Parker S, Fu Z, Yu G, Chen L, Venkatraman V, Fu Y, Wang Y, Howard T, Goo J, Liu Y, Saylor G, Athas G, Troxclair D, Hixson J*, Vander Heide R*, Wang Y*, Van Eyk J* (*contributed equally), "Proteomic Architecture of Human Coronary and Aortic Atherosclerosis," Circulation, 2018. (Impact Factor 19.309)

  • Afaf Tareef, Yang Song, Heng Huang, Dagan Feng, Mei Chen, Yue Wang, and Weidong Cai,, "Multi-pass Fast Watershed for Accurate Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2018. accepted

  • Chia-Hsiang Lin , Ruiyuan Wu , Wing-Kin Ma , Chong-Yung Chi , and Yue Wang, "Maximum Volume Inscribed Ellipsoid: A New Simplex-Structured Matrix Factorization Framework via Facet Enumeration and Convex Optimization," SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 2017. (IF=2.867) accepted

  • X. Chen, J. Gu, X. Wang, J.-G. Jung, T.-L. Wang, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "CRNET: An efficient sampling approach to infer functional regulatory networks by integrating large-scale ChIP-seq and time-course RNA-seq data," Bioinformatics, 34(10):1733-1740, 2018. (IF=7.307; 2016 ISI)


Year 2017

  • Mao C, Howard TD, Sullivan D, Fu Z, Yu G, Parker SJ, Will R, Vander Heide RS, Wang Y, Hixson J, Van Eyk J, Herrington DM., "Bioinformatic Analysis of Coronary Disease Associated SNPs and Genes to Identify Proteins Potentially Involved in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis," J Proteom Genom Res., 2(1):1-12, 2017.

  • Parker S, Chen L, Fu Q, Venkatraman V, Holewinski R, Saylor G, Mao C, Vander Heide R, Wang Y, Herrington D, Van Eyk J., "Identification of Putative Fibrous Plaque Marker Proteins by Unsupervised Deconvolution of Heterogeneous Vascular Proteomes," Circulation, Vol 136, Suppl 1., 2017.

  • X. Wang, J. Gu, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "DM-BLD: Differential methylation detection using a hierarchical Bayesian model exploiting local dependency," Bioinformatics, 33(2):161-168, 2017. (IF=7.307; 2016 ISI)

  • X. Chen, X. Shi, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, A. Shajahan-Haq, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "PSSV: A novel pattern-based probabilistic approach for somatic structural variation identification," Bioinformatics, 33(2):177-183, 2017. (IF=7.307; 2016 ISI)

  • N. M. Nguyen, F. de Oliveira Andrade, L. Jin, X. Zhang, M. Macon, M. I. Cruz, C. Benitez, B. Wehrenberg, C. Yin, X. Wang, J. Xuan, S. de Assis, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, "Maternal intake of high n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid diet during pregnancy causes transgenerational increase in mammary cancer risk in mice," Breast Cancer Research, 19:77, 2017. (IF=6.345; 2016 ISI)

  • X. Shi#, S. Banerjee#, L. Chen, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "CyNetSVM: A Cytoscape app for cancer biomarker identification using network constrained support vector machines" PLoS ONE, 12(1): e0170482, 2017. (IF=2.806; 2016 ISI) (#contributed equally.)

  • A. Tareef, Y. Song, W. Cai, H. Huang, H. Chang, Y. Wang, M. Fulham, D. Feng, M. Chen, "Automatic Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Smear Cells based on Local Distinctive Features and Guided Shape Deformation," Neurocomputing, vol. 221, pp. 94-107, 2017.

  • Afaf Tareef, Yang Song, Heng Huang, Yue Wang, Dagan Feng, Mei Chen, Weidong Cai, "Optimizing the Cervix Cytological Examination based on Deep Learning and Dynamic Shape Modelling", Neurocomputing, 2017. accepted

  • J. E. Hixson, G. Jun, L. C. Shimmin, Y. Wang, G. Yu, C. Mao, T. D. Howard, R. S. Vander Heide, J. Van Eyk, Y. Wang, and D. M. Herrington, "Whole Exome Sequencing to Identify Genetic Variants Associated with Raised Atherosclerotic Lesions in Young Persons," Scientific Reports, 2017. accepted

  • Chia-Hsiang Lin, Chong-Yung Chi, Lulu Chen, David J. Miller, and Yue Wang, "Detection of Sources in Non-negative Blind Source Separation by Minimum Description Length Criterion," IEEE Trans Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2017. (IF=6.108) accepted

  • K. Bhuvaneshwar, L. Song, Y. Wang, Y. Feng, I-M. Shih, S. Madhavan, and Y. Gusev, "CINdex: A Bioconductor package for analysis of chromosome instability in DNA copy number data," Cancer Informatics, 2017. accepted

  • Yinxue Wang, Guilai Shi, David J Miller, Yizhi Wang, Congchao Wang, Gerald Broussard, Yue Wang, Lin Tian and Guoqiang Yu, "Automated Functional Analysis of Astrocytes from Chronic Time-Lapse Calcium Imaging Data", Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2017. in press


Year 2016

  • X. Chen, J.-G. Jung, A. N. Shajahan-Haq, R. Clarke, I.-M. Shih, Y. Wang, L. Magnani, T.-L. Wang, and J. Xuan*, "ChIP-BIT: Bayesian inference of target genes using a novel joint probabilistic model of ChIP-seq profiles," Nucleic Acids Res., 44(7):e65, 2016. (doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv1491) (IF=10.161)

  • Niya Wang, Eric P Hoffman, Lulu Chen, Li Chen, Zhen Zhang, Chunyu Liu, Guoqiang Yu, David M Herrington, Robert Clarke and Yue Wang, "Mathematical modelling of transcriptional heterogeneity identifies novel markers and subpopulations in complex tissues," Scientific Reports, 6:18909, 2016. (IF=5.578)

  • ArulMurugan Ambikapathi, Tsung-Han Chan, Chia-Hsiang Lin, Fei-Shih Yang, Chong-Yung Chi, and Yue Wang, "Accurate compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis for prostate tumor characterization using DCE-MRI," IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering, vo. 63, no. 4, pp.707-720, April 2016.

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  • Ibrahim Youssef, Robert Clarke, Ie-Ming Shih, Yue Wang, Guoqiang Yu, "Biologically inspired survival analysis based on integrating gene expression as mediator with genomic variants," Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2016. in press

  • Y Song, Q Li, F Zhang, H Huang, D Feng, Y Wang, M Chen, W Cai, "Dual Discriminative Local Coding for Tissue Aging Analysis," Medical Image Analysis, 2016. in press

  • Y Song; W Cai; H Huang; D Feng; Y Wang; M Chen, "Bioimage Classification with Subcategory Discriminant Transform of High Dimensional Visual Descriptors," BMC Bioinformatics, 2016. in press

  • Yitan Zhu, Niya Wang, David J. Miller, and Yue Wang, "Convex analysis of mixtures for separating non-negative well-grounded sources," Scientific Reports, 6: 38350, 2016. (IF=5.578)


Year 2015

  • Niya Wang, Ting Gong, Robert Clarke, Lulu Chen, Ie-Ming Shih, Zhen Zhang, Douglas A. Levine, Jianhua Xuan and Yue Wang, "UNDO: a Bioconductor R package for unsupervised deconvolution of mixed gene expressions in tumor samples," Bioinformatics, vol. 31, pp. 137-139, 2015. (IF=5.766)

  • Ye Tian, Bai Zhang, Eric P. Hoffman, Robert Clarke, Zhen Zhang, Ie-Ming Shih, Jianhua Xuan, David M. Herrington, and Yue Wang, "KDDN: An open-source Cytoscape app for constructing differential dependency networks with significant rewiring," Bioinformatics, vol. 31, pp. 287-298, 2015. (IF=5.766)

  • X. Shi, R. O. Barnes, L. Chen, A. N. Shajahan-Haq, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, Y. Wang, J. Xuan*, "BMRF-Net: a software tool for identification of protein interaction subnetworks by a bagging Markov random field-based method," Bioinformatics, 31(14):2412-2414, 2015. (IF=5.766)

  • X. Shi, X. Wang, A. Shajahan, L. Hilakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke and J. Xuan* , "BMRF-MI: integrative identification of protein interaction network by modeling the gene dependency," BMC Genomics , 16(Suppl 7):S10, 2015. (IF=3.867)

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Year 2014

  • J. Gu, X. Wang, L. Halakivi-Clarke, R. Clarke, and J. Xuan*, "BADGE: A novel Bayesian model for accurate abundance quantification and differential analysis of RNA-Seq data," BMC Bioinformatics, 15(Suppl 9):S6, 2014. (IF=2.67)

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Year 2013

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Year 2012

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Year 2011

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