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CBIL Guidelines
  • Graduate students and research fellows should email your advisor (i.e., Director or Associate Director) weekly reports due every Monday ( or and keep your reports in your own permanent folders. The report shall contain project report and study report as two independent yet complementary components.

  • The weekly report shall be considered as a part of the research with many long-term benefits. The project report shall discuss the plan, design, and progress of the project, explaining what is the task (objective), why is important (motivation), and how is done (method). The study report shall discuss the understanding, insight, and exploration of scientific issues with critical questions about the unknown and new viewpoint of methodology.

  • Graduate students and research fellows should attend weekly group meetings every Fridays to discuss your project report, and interact with other team members for academic exchanges via a pre-scheduled presentation of your study report with relevant information being distributed for pre-view two weeks in advance.

  • Sufficiently detailed technical reports are required of any nontrivial work. Examples include documents on software prototypes (design, implementation, and algorithms), data processing procedures, and equipment operations.

  • The authorship of papers and the inventorship of patents should be determined based on academic originalities and contributions. In the general case, the corresponding author should be Director or Associate Director. Manuscript should be approved by Director or Associate Director while patent submission should be approved by the Director, to guarantee the necessary quality, intellectual property protection, and appropriate acknowledgment.

  • Any experimental results from CBIL should be examined internally before disseminating to the collaborating PIs (e.g., Dr. Clarke (GU) and Dr. Hoffman (CNMC)). Director and Associate Director are solely responsible for granting the permission of such dissemination. The policy does not discourage scientific exchanges (e.g., ideas/questions/understandings) with our collaborators. On the contrary, scientific exchanges are highly encouraged.

  • You should use the lab resources for your assigned research only, and follow the university policies. Outside collaboration may represent good opportunities, but should be approved by the Director.

  • At discretion of the Director or Associate Director, supportive duties will be assigned to you occasionally. Examples include assistance to new comers, management of computers, and work-related interaction with other professionals.

  • In case you plan for termination of employment, we expect a notice of two months or earlier. Also, your vacation schedule should be arranged after discussion with the Director or Associate Director.




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